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BarFly came to TelDesigns with a few specific needs that we were unwilling to budge on. We needed an easily reproducible network map that we were going to implement across our expansion plans, we needed a cost effective solution, and above all else we needed a company who could provide the insight and support needed for our continued success. 

TelDesigns has been providing us with exactly what we desired since day one. They take the hassle out of confusing vendor contractual agreements, they work with your established IT teams to provide high level analysis and support, as well as making sure your every need is met. They also work with you and a multitude of 3rd party vendors to ensure every facet of telecom is taken care of. The level of support and expertise is exactly what you would find with a big telecom firm.

Without TelDesigns we may not have met our intense deadlines for opening restaurants, and for that I’m thankful for having decided to go with TelDesigns!

Abel Balderas

IT Manager, BarFly Ventures

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