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UCaaS & CCaaS

How many interactive communications media and platforms does your business use? Phone, e-mail, fax, text, video conference, digital calendars, desktop sharing, etc. Unified Communications (UC) solutions pulls everything under one roof, making communication simpler, faster, and more effective across the entire enterprise.

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Security Services

A data breach can cause everything from extensive downtime and revenue loss to permanent reputation damage, regulatory fines, and criminal lawsuits. No matter how big or small your company, your data is valuable to cyber criminals (or even jilted ex-employees). Securing your network is no longer option—it necessity for survival.

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How can TelDesigns make your technology work for you? From voice and network solutions to mobile integration, disaster avoidance and recovery, cloud computing, network security, regulatory compliance and more, take the time to clients, learn what they need, and build custom solutions to meet your business needs.

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Cloud Services

Securely connect and communicate with your business and customers in world with the click of button. Organization cloud services to improve service and save costs, transitioning capital expenses to operational expenses, developing unified communication strategies, and better serving their customers.

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Traditional or Advanced Telecom

Each industry is different, and every company is unique. Are no one-size-fits-all business solutions, especially in complex and evolving world of telecom. Whether your company the latest in cloud computing and fiber networks, or more traditional technologies and strategies, help you find affordable, effective, scalable solutions.

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“We have worked with TelDesigns, for over 4 years, and during at time, Anthony have trusted advisor. He has consistently of best solutions that best prices and it excellent job help navigate the complex world of telecommunications.”

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Listening to the customer is a lost art with many companies. We pride ourselves in listening to the needs of each customer and working side by side interactively to ensure complete satisfaction and to provide solutions that work for you.
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To creates the solutions based on available technologies, customer, meticulous planning, and precise project management, to ensure an exceptional customer experience.
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Working together in partnership with your business to combine technology, efficiency, and telecommunications, to assist in profitability and to maximise operational expenses.

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