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Listen. We will work side by side with your company to identify all of your current needs, as well as emerging needs as you move into the future. We will analyze billing, infrastructure, IT projects, as well as problem areas, and interact with your staff to make sure that we have the information needed to formulate a solution that will work for you.

Evaluate. Once the information is compiled, we break it down to the simplest areas, identifying concerns, inefficiencies, and ways to improve the underlying infrastructure.


Plan. With a complete picture of your company, we put together multiple packages to improve your company’s bottom line. We will create a network that matches the needs of your business, and meets the requirements of cost effectiveness, scalability, and quality.

Provide. By utilizing the technology available from providers we work with, the infrastructure design will be created in a way that your company will be able to communicate with your customers, and yourselves better than before. Sometimes this is nothing more than comparing solutions on your behalf with other providers, to ensure your company is getting the best pricing, reliability, and customer service available.

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Implement. We work for you, directing providers during the provisioning process to ensure as seamless of a transition as possible. We coordinate with IT, hardware vendors, project management teams, and providers so that you don’t need to.

Support. TelDesigns will continue to be your single point of contact after the project is complete. We feel the value that TelDesigns brings to your organization endures long after the sale. We will assist in billing, customer service, and management of your services along with growth and will introduce new technologies to you as they emerge. With over 20 years of experience, no one will work harder for you to ensure that your company is completely satisfied!

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