Telecom Management

Monthly Billing Audits and Reporting

Telecommunication bills and contracts can easily become overwhelming to manage. We’ve created a specialized system to monitor and audit your telephony usage on a monthly basis, which allows us to better protect our customers, identify usage concerns, and ensure proper billing for your services.

Management of All Contractual Obligations

Contracts are a part of doing business with telecommunication carriers. We keep up-to-date records of all active contractual obligations and begin researching pricing information and services several months in advance. So, when your contract(s) near expiration, we re-negotiate pricing with the current provider and compile a list of alternative carriers and service providers for comparative analysis.

Single Point of Contact for all M.A.C.D.’s

When it comes to managing, adding, changing, or removing services, you contact us. There’s no need to sit on hold for an unknown amount of time with your telecom carrier—we take care of it for you. One easy step to ensure your account is efficiently updated.

Low Fixed Monthly Cost

We feel so strongly about the importance of providing effective and efficient management of your telecom accounts that we’ve ensured our telecommunication management service is affordable to every one of our customers. We take pride in providing you with a quick and simple solution to manage all your services.

Tired of managing your own telecom system? Leave the management up to us!

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