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Mobile Services

You’re constantly on the go, but how are you going to stay connected to business? We make it easy. We represent every major cellular carrier. Why is that significant? We understand the intricacies of deploying mobile devices in a company; that’s why we handle the negotiation for you. Data plans, corporate discount agreements, and consolidation plans are handled by us. That means we are the single point of contact when you decide to move, add a line, change, or delete services. We really make it easy on you.


HIPAA Compliance Solutions


If you own a retail business that accepts credit cards, you’re susceptible to a data breach. And it’s your responsibility to meet the set of 12 PCI DSS compliance requirements—and more than 200 sub-requirements. It’s a lot to think about.

If you’re also a pharmacy that accepts credit cards, you’re responsible for protecting your customers’ health information as well as their credit card information. That means you’re not only responsible for meeting HIPAA requirements and numerous state compliance regulations; you also have the added obligation of PCI compliance.

TelDesigns can help simplify meeting all of these compliance requirements with powerful solutions, outstanding service and ongoing support.

Improve your business' compliancy standards today.

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