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How Does the Cloud Save Money?

There are many reasons for organizations to move from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud computing. One of the most frequently cited benefits is economics. Yet while many people point out the cost savings that cloud computing brings to an organization, we believe attention should be drawn to four distinct mechanisms through which these cost savings are generated:

  • Lowering the opportunity cost of running technology.
  • Allowing for a shift from capital expenditure to operating expenditure.
  • Lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of technology.
  • Giving organizations the ability to add business value by renewed focus on core activities.
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Is Cloud Computing Right for My Company?

Cloud computing can be a valuable asset, but determining whether it’s the right fit for your organization can be difficult. We guide you through a process of investigation, projected impactful significance, financial return on investment, design, and implementation. We provide an unbiased, factual recommendation and analysis to ensure your success.


Colocation or Managed Hosting?

There are many, many factors that will go into deciding which solution (Colocation or Managed Hosting) makes the most sense for you, making it nearly impossible to employ a simple “checklist” approach. We work with you to understand your current solutions and needs, in addition to accounting for future growth.

A limitation of managed hosting is that your provider typically selects the hardware and software that you get, though they may give you some choices as to the “class” of product or brand of operating system. If you only wish to host a simple homepage, almost any basic server setup will do. But if you need to host database applications, audio/video streaming, websites like search engines and portals which generate lots of traffic, online applications, or anything else that requires lots of bandwidth or hardware resources, typical managed solutions are likely to come up short.

Ultimately, every business and situation is different. That’s why we have aligned ourselves with the best colocation and managed hosting providers in the world.

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