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Rated highest by Gartner for Network Performance in 2018

If you are considering moving into new markets, expanding your existing services or opening new offices, you’ll need a network with the reach, scale and reliability in the places that matter.

At TelDesigns, we consult on company’s telecommunications infrastructure around the globe and have for over 20 years. We help implement solutions that accommodates departmental business needs and meets strategic business goals.

We recommend Telstra’s network, providing access to one of the largest IP backbones in the Asia-Pacific region and assures availability as well as high capacity services. You’ll have reliable and dedicated bandwidth at higher availability on Asia’s busiest subsea routes – Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

By choosing Telstra you’ll have one global service provider with proven network performance, reach, expertise and support.

TelDesigns can streamline and augment your network services and vendors and consult on new digital transformation plans that might span APAC and around the globe.

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