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Recently, a TelDesign’s customer was experiencing a partial disruption in service with one of our cloud-based phone system providers. All symptoms pointed to an issue with this particular provider. However, after an initial diagnostic the provider was able to determine that their system was functioning properly. Regardless, our client was still unable to make or receive calls from most of their handsets.

TelDesigns immediately dispatched a local engineer who was able to determine that our client’s DELL network printer was being utilized for pivot attacks on other businesses. The IP traffic from the attacker in and out of our customer’s network was so intense that it flooded internet access, pegged the router’s cpu to well over ninety percent which crippled all voice communications. Fortunately, we were able to respond quickly to circumvent the attacker, provide resolution and put measures in place to prevent future attacks of this type from occurring again.

Our client is a small business. But this illustrates that whether you’re a small startup, a family-owned “Mom and Pop” business that’s been around for decades, or a major corporation, the security of your network must be a primary concern.

If you transmit voice, data, or other information over the Internet (and you do), you are a target for cyber-attacks or in this case, our client was being utilized as a pivot-point to attack others. Either way, your network can to be brought to a stand-still and even compromised.

Securing your network isn’t a “one-and-done” proposition. It’s an ongoing, dynamic and vigilant process for every connected organization today. Cyber-criminals, hackers, and even jilted employees are constantly developing new strategies for compromising your systems and damaging or stealing your data. You need security solutions that are constantly evolving to stay ahead of the game.

TelDesigns works with dozens of security experts and suppliers who know the industry inside and out. A few of our partners include industry giants such as TrustwaveFishtech GroupQuest SystemsMasergy to next generation cloud security solutions from AVANAN and local West Michigan based security professionals from VDA Labs and InsITe Business Solutions.

You don’t have to be an expert in network and cloud security, but you do have to get security right—or risk severe consequences. We can help protect you, assess your current security posture and even train your team on security best practices.

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