Skip the Sales Pitch and Get the Straight Truth


How many times have you heard a salesman, company representative, or support person overpromise and under-deliver? It happens all the time. Everybody’s got a product to sell, and they’re going to tell you about all the great things it can do—while conveniently leaving out every bug and problem, or the fact that their competitor up the road can offer a better widget for less.

This reality can be an absolute nightmare for a small-to-medium business owner trying to get the best voice services, data network, cloud computing solutions, and other telecom necessities for their business.

Do you know the first thing about VoIP trunks, integrated T1, fiber optic networks, colocation, or cloud computing? Maybe; maybe not.

Do you want to spend days or weeks on end researching the telecom industry and comparing different plans from different providers, when all you really want to do is sell your widgets? Absolutely not!

And what are you going to get when you call up each company? Probably a sales pitch—mostly true, but with all the inconvenient facts obscured unless you know exactly what questions to ask.

How on earth is anyone supposed to be able to make a good decision under these circumstances? There’s no way you have the time to compare every option, and even if you did you might not even be able to fully trust what the reps are telling you. Almost every business could reduce their expenses and organizational risk while increasing efficiency and profitability by designing and implementing telecom infrastructure that aligns better with what they do. But considering how difficult it is to do on your own, it’s no wonder why most business owners don’t put in the effort and would rather lean back on “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

That’s why TelDesigns was founded. We use our industry knowledge and the relationships we’ve built over time with dozens of equipment and service providers to do the hard work and research … so you don’t have to. We aren’t pushing a sales pitch or a specific company or service—the only “skin in the game” we have is ensuring that you get the absolute best service for your needs and budget.

So skip the sales pitch, and let us help you design the voice, cloud, and network solutions that will propel your business to the next major milestone—and give you more time to do your actual job, sell your widgets, and put your feet up and relax when the day is done!

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