Stuck Under a Bad Telecom Contract? Start Planning Your Move Now


Sometimes it seems like the whole world is built on overlapping contracts. Your cell phone contract renews in March. Your lease is up in July. You might not watch much TV anymore, but heaven help you if you try to cancel your cable before September—those cancellation fees are staring you in the face.

If you’re looking to upgrade your services, then, it’s all about timing. In our last blog, we mentioned that fiber optic cable can take 90 days—maybe more—to install. Obviously, if your contract is up at the end of the month, you’re not going to have much fun (or much luck) trying to upgrade if you haven’t even started planning or working yet!

We’ll be frank—juggling contracts for all your business needs stinks. Unfortunately, it’s simply a fact of life when it comes to dealing with telecommunications carriers.

But there is a better way. At TelDesigns, we consult with your business in order to learn your needs and connect you with the data and network solutions, voice services, cloud services, and other telecom products and providers that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Better yet, we can also provide telecommunication management services. Are you sick of trying to keep all your contracts straight? How about waiting on hold with your Internet provider, followed by your voice provider, and on and on? Let us handle it. Bring your concerns to us and we’ll handle the details with your telecom provider.

We’ll also keep up-to-date records of when all your contracts expire. We start researching pricing and service options months in advance, so we can come to you with a range of options and alternatives with plenty of time to spare.

Don’t get stuck under bad contracts forever! Timing is everything. Contact TelDesigns at (616) 965-2030 and found out how seamless your upgrade can be.

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