Telecom Management Solutions Under One Roof


How many different contracts do you have to manage in order to keep the phones, internet, and other telecom essentials running at your office? How many relationships do you have to have, with how many representatives from how many companies? Phone companies. Internet service providers. Cloud computing and storage services. Project management. Unified communications.

Every contract has a different term, different expiration date, different billing dates. Each company sends you irritating weekly e-mails trying to upsell services you don’t need or already have handled by someone else. Sometimes it feels like you’re juggling six or seven balls at once, and dropping even one of them could cost your company a lot of lost productivity. At renewal time, it’s all you can do to take what they give you, since who has time to shop the competition and train staff on a new system anyway?

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be all on you.

Check that. It shouldn’t be all on you. Everyone needs telecom, but you’re not a telecom company—you just want to sell your widgets. It shouldn’t be this hard to find (and keep) the best deals to keep your company in operation.

TelDesigns doesn’t just connect you with the telecom service and equipment providers we think you need and send you on your merry way. We’re not a middleman, or even a “one stop shop.” We’ll help you get everything under one roof and serve as your single point of contact for all your telecom needs moving forward. No need to call Larry from TeleCorp, then Penelope from FiberWorld, then Crazy Dave from ISP-R-Us. You just call us, and we’ll handle it.

That means we’ll:

  • Assist in billing, customer service, and management of your telecom services. Call us anytime, and we’ll get on it immediately.
  • Monitor and audit your usage on a monthly basis to identify usage concerns and ensure you aren’t getting fleeced on billing.
  • Start shopping plans and competition pricing months before each contract expires to determine whether you should keep what you have, switch plans, or switch providers.
  • Coordinate with your internal teams as well as the providers to make any transition in services, technology, and equipment as seamless and painless as possible. After all, saving money on the service does no good if it’s canceled out by lost productivity from a rocky transition.

If the value isn’t clear enough to you yet, how about this:

  • Save time and stress. Instead of juggling a bunch of relationships and contracts yourself, you’re dealing with a single point of contact who represents you—not the telecom giants.
  • Save money. We use our knowledge of your business needs and our industry experience to match you with the best value telecom services and equipment—everything you need, nothing you don’t, at the best price.

Cheaper, easier, and better. It’s really a no brainer.

To learn more about how we can help, give us a call at (616) 965-2030 today.

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