Who Got the Better Gifts This Year? You, or the Cybercriminals?


Did you have a good holiday season? Did you get everything you wanted and more? Did you help yourself to maybe just a wee bit too much eggnog at the office party? We hope so!

Here’s another question: did cybercriminals get everything they wanted from your business this year, too? How about disgruntled current and former employees? If you haven’t taken the necessary steps to secure your network, you’re a prime target.

And the worst part is, you might not even know it—according to research conducted by Verizon, more than 1 out of 4 known data breaches weren’t discovered for at least a month after they occurred, and 1 in 10 took more than a year. The 2016 numbers (the last year for which we have complete data) are actually worse than the 2015 numbers in this regard.

And again, that’s just for discovered breaches. How many hacked systems are still out there, with compromises undetected by their company’s IT team?

Unlike you and me, crime doesn’t take a vacation. And in the busy holiday season, with online credit card transactions building to a crescendo, cybercriminals are champing at the bit to get a piece of the action.

That’s why your network security has to be up to the always-evolving challenges and attack vectors of the day. It’s not just about multi-factor authentication, anti-virus software, firewalls, and being choosy about who you delegate access to. It also includes more sophistical tools like managed detection and response (MDR) services, which constantly monitor your systems and hunt for threats. Advanced security applications, for example, understand what “normal activity” looks like on your network and can rapidly identify suspicious behavior using intelligent behavior analytics—and automate a response.

If you want to protect your proprietary and customer data—and trust us, you do—and enjoy many more holiday seasons to come, make a New Year’s resolution to contact TelDesigns about network security solutions. We work with partners throughout the network security industry and are always vigilant about staying one step ahead of the cybercriminals—so you can stay ahead of them, too. Give us a call today at (616) 965-2030 for more info.

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