What are the advantages of hosted phones for my business?


Many companies are switching from telephone systems they own—with infrastructure that is housed and maintained on-site—to hosted phone systems. With hosted phone, a third party houses and maintains your phone system, with voice information distributed over the internet (voice over internet protocol, or VoIP).

There are many advantages to such a system, including:

  • You save money and get cost certainty, exchanging expensive and unpredictable set-up fees and maintenance for a low monthly rate.
  • You can get advanced features, such as conference calling, call recording, call forwarding, voicemail to email, e-fax and more that would previously only be available with an expensive owned system.
  • Portal access to manage your entire company. Most hosted providers allows administrators and management the tools needed to see the entire environment from a web browser. Perfect for multi-location companies.
  • Mobile integration. With apps that can be downloaded to IOS or Android, tablets as well as desktops, you will always be connected no matter the situation. Work from home, in the car, or on the beach. One number is all you need to show that you are in the office, even if you aren’t.
  • You get better reliability and 24/7 support—your provider will provide multiple backups and redundancies so that your systems are protected against unexpected downtime. No more scrambling to fix an unexpected problem over the weekend.

TelDesigns partners with dozens of companies and providers, including RingCentral, Telnet, Star2Star, Evolve IP, and more. Bottom line, does your company want to be in the widget business, or the phone business? We can help you focus on what is important and remove the frustrations of dealing with your phones. Our goal is to connect you with the perfect services to meet your business needs, within your budget. Give us a call at (616) 965-2030 to schedule your consultation, and check out teldesigns.com for more info.

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