Why Your Business Needs Unified Communications


We haven’t scientifically tested this, but we’re pretty confident that internal communication starts to become a problem for most companies right around the time they add a second employee.

Unless you work by yourself, or at the very least are literally never out of earshot from everyone else in your company, the efficient, effective, and speedy transmission (and reception!) of communication between workers becomes an absolutely crucial concern. Your employees need to stay in the loop, especially when a single missed connection can slow workflow to a crawl, embarrass your company in front of a client, or even cost you business.

These days, though, getting everybody in the “need to know” list on the same page efficiently can be a hassle, considering contemporary challenges:

  • How do you know if a colleague is at their desk and ready to receive a message, especially if they’re in another department—or another building on campus, or another state, or another country?
  • What’s the best way to get a hold of your colleagues and make sure they get the information? Phone call? E-mail? Text message? Slack chat? Fax? Video conference? Desktop sharing? Online writeboard or shared editable document?
  • If someone doesn’t currently have access to some platforms (let’s say telephone) but can access others (like e-mail), how will they be notified if they get a message on the “wrong” platform? E-mail notification? Text alert? Voice-to-text?

Unified communications (UC) is all about integrating as many of these technologies as possible, whether that’s housing them through a single user interface, enabling users to see the availability of others at a glance, tying systems together so that alerts get pushed where employees are likely to see them—or all of the above.

A good UC system makes for more productive employees, fewer costly mistakes, and a more nimble company that can react quickly to new challenges. And TelDesigns can help you design and build one, based on your business needs.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all packages that may fit someone else’s business (but not yours). Instead, we work with dozens of service, software, and equipment providers and leverage that knowledge to provide you with a custom selection of services that offer exactly what you need for your company workflow. This might include physical components or software, cloud-based solutions (Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS), or a little of both.

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