Is Your Company Safe from Data Breaches?


If anything is clear from the last several years of cybersecurity history, it’s that even the biggest and richest companies and industry leaders can fall victim to a devastating data breach. In 2013, for example, hackers stole 40 million credit card numbers and full contact info for 70 million customers from Target’s database. In 2017 alone, victims include fast food (Arby’s, Chipotle), retail (Saks Fifth Avenue, Brooks Brothers), tech (Sony and Microsoft), higher education (University of Oklahoma and Washington State University), and more.

Now, granted, we’re guessing that your company probably isn’t as big as any of those giants. If you get hacked, it won’t make front-page news all over the world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t become a target. It’s not only the big companies that deal with data breaches—those are just the ones you hear about.

If you track or store any kind of customer data, transmit any kind of sensitive information or communication over the internet, process any online payments—and at this point virtually every company on the planet does at least a few of these things—your data is valuable to hackers and criminals. Don’t assume they’ll overlook you because you’re small. Don’t assume you can skimp on security because you’re not Target or Wal-Mart. No matter your company size, if you fail to secure your systems, you are inviting trouble.

And what a world of trouble it can be. Extensive downtime. Destruction or theft of critical data. Lawsuits. Loss of revenue. Loss of customer trust. It’s not stretching it to say that a serious data breach could be the end of your company.

If you’ve never thought much about network security, you’re not safe. If “network security” was some software you bought three years ago and haven’t updated since, you’re not safe. The risks are always evolving, and your security needs to stay ahead of the game.

If it all sounds confusing, don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. TelDesigns is West Michigan’s leader in providing network security solutions to companies of all sizes and in all industries. We are not selling our own products. Rather, we help you find the products and services you do need (encryption, multi-factor verification, anti-malware, firewalls, etc.) from reputable providers. Then, we implement those systems and ensure that they stay updated and patched.

Is your company safe from data breaches? We can help you find out—and make sure the answer is “yes.” Give us a call today at (616) 965-2030.

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