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Why Managing Mobility Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

In the mobile-first world, access to a connected device can mean the difference between generating revenue and falling behind. And with the 6 Billion mobile devices expected by 2020, it’s clear that mobility is here to stay. Even with a 40% projected growth in global...

Get Security Right With TelDesigns

Recently, a TelDesign’s customer was experiencing a partial disruption in service with one of our cloud-based phone system providers. All symptoms pointed to an issue with this particular provider. However, after an initial diagnostic the provider was able to...

Why We Love Cloud Services (and You Should Too)

Let go.We know, we know. Every day, we talk to business owners and IT professionals clinging to their old servers, old processes, old ways of doing things.Some are worried about reliability or security—can I really trust a third party to care about my business as much...

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