Hosted Phones Are Changing the Way Companies Do Business


Do you have an older, on-site business phone system that grows more obsolete by the day? If you’re looking to upgrade, it may be time to join the growing majority of companies making the switch to hosted phone services using VoIP technology.

The advantages are striking. But it’s more than just getting a reliable, technically advanced, fully featured phone system at low cost. Hosted phone systems are actually changing the way companies of all sizes and all industries do business, allowing them to be nimbler, more flexible, and more focused on serving their customers (rather than maintaining their own infrastructure).

How? Glad you asked.

It eliminates the capital investment and reduces cost, allowing you to budget more efficiently and put the savings back into your business.

Depending on the size of your operation, a new on-site telephone system might cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and install, to say nothing of the later maintenance costs. But hosted phones are a snap to install and eliminate the capital expense entirely. A low monthly fee gets you a reliable telephone service with all the features (call forwarding, conference calling, voicemail to e-mail, etc.) you could want from a much costlier system. Instead of saving up for a massive expense and dealing with unexpected repair costs as they happen, you can simply put a small line item in the budget and be done with it.

It gives your workforce the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

With hosted phone services, it’s easy to extend connectivity to multiple office locations, remote contractors, or representatives out in the field. You can transfer locations or scale up and down instantly and at no additional cost. Whether you’re opening a new office, allowing employees to work from home, or enabling your sales reps to stay connected out on the road, hosted phone allows you to do it all without fuss or hassle. A business that adapt quickly to new markets and businesses needs without locking itself down, obviously, is at a tremendous advantage.

You can spend less time dealing with phones and more time actually running and growing your business.

Because hosted phone services are store and maintained off-site by a dedicated provider with 24/7 support, your own IT team can avoid the expensive, time-consuming menial labor of maintaining the phones. Instead, they can dedicate their time to growing your business and improving the way your technology can be leveraged, rather than just keeping it running. We often ask our clients, “Do you want to be in the phone business, or do you want to spend as much time as possible improving your products and services and selling them to your customers?” We think the answer is obvious.

Hosted phones can dramatically improve your company’s productivity, efficiency, scalability, flexibility, ability to innovate, and even customer service. It won’t just save you money—it can fundamentally change the way you do business.

At TelDesigns, we work with dozens of hosted phone companies and services large and small, including Star2Star, RingCentral, TDS Metrocom, Evolve IP, and more. We understand the landscape inside and out and can connect you with the provider and service best suited to your business needs, without bias or favoritism. Consulting is usually free, and we’ll continue to support your business as needed well beyond the point of sale.

To find out how a hosted phone system can change the way you do business, give us a call at (616) 965-2030.

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