Should I upgrade to VoIP?


VoIP (and the technologies built upon it) has several distinct advantages over older, more traditional telephone systems. Not only is VoIP usually significantly cheaper than landlines, but it can offer equivalent or superior call quality and advanced calling features (call forwarding, recording, voicemail-to-e-mail, etc.) previously only available from expensive enterprise systems. They’re also generally very quick and easy to install and configure, require little maintenance, and they’re extremely flexible—because the service is hosted in the cloud, remote users can be on the same system no matter where in the world they’re located.

The main potential drawback of VoIP is that, because it requires a stable broadband Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth and electricity to function, it goes down if you experience an outage, with inbound calls routed directly to the message center. However, these risks can be managed by making sure you have a good disaster recovery plan in place (such as a backup generator). An even better solution is moving away from owning a phone system, and moving to a hosted solution from one of the many providers that TelDesigns can offer.

TelDesigns works with telecom providers using a wide variety of technologies, including VoIP, fiber, cloud, hosted, and more. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each service and help you make a logical choice for your business’s data network and telephone needs. Get in touch with us at (616) 965-2030 today.

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