Are You Tied Down By Bad Business Phones?


Are you stuck in one place? It stinks.

That’s true when you’re on the side of the highway, awaiting rescue for a blown tire. It’s also true when you can’t leave the office because a missed call might mean a blown business opportunity. Or when you feel like you can’t expand your phone systems or add a new office because of all the money you think you’ll have to blow on a new telecom infrastructure.

When it comes to business these days, though, you just can’t afford to be tied down. Many businesses need connectivity spread out across multiple locations, whether you operate several official offices or have a network of employees and contractors working from home or spread out across your regional markets. Furthermore, if you need 24/7 connectivity—and many service-oriented small businesses do—you shouldn’t have to be chained to your office, your desk, or even your laptop from sunup to sundown just in case a panicked call from an important client comes in.

If you want the flexibility to strike while the iron is hot and expand quickly into emerging markets, you can’t allow yourself to get stuck in one spot. And if you’ve got multiple offices or locations already in play, you need everybody on the same page to keep everything from crashing down in a mess of confusion!

Hosted phone services, from providers like RingCentral, Evolve IP, Telnet, and Star2Star, allow you to do just that, and for a lot less than what you’re currently paying to install, maintain, and update your on-site system.

For starters, you get portal access to manage your entire company, no matter how many locations you may have. Administrators get the management tools they need to add or remove lines and see their entire phone network from a web browser. Your company phone system can reach anywhere and everywhere on the globe where you and your employees do business, with no need to install expensive equipment and no reason to get stuck in one spot.

That freedom and flexibility extends with mobile integration. Whether you’re in the car, at home, or you have your feet up at the beach (piña colada in hand) your most important clients can reach you “at work”—even if your desk is on the other side of the planet. They don’t have to know that business calls are being routed to your cell phone, and you don’t have to feel pressured to give out your personal number to stay connected, either.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Switching to hosted phones will also help you save money, gain cost certainty, improve reliability, and even avoid disastrous downtime thanks to all the backups and redundant systems maintained by your provider.

Don’t be tied down by a phone system that’s getting in the way of smooth business operations, rather than making them easier. Contact TelDesigns for a consultation. We represent dozens of providers and can connect you with the optimal service for your needs and budget. Check us out online, or give us a call at (616) 965-2030.

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