In the mobile-first world, access to a connected device can mean the difference between generating revenue and falling behind. And with the 6 Billion mobile devices expected by 2020, it’s clear that mobility is here to stay.

Even with a 40% projected growth in global data generated per year, there is expected to be only 5% growth in IT spending.

If you’re looking for solutions to manage hard and soft mobility costs while also empowering your IT teams with the right SaaS technology, here’s a few things to consider:

Why managing mobility shouldn’t be overlooked.

Mobility is a dynamic line item. Costs are difficult to control, and usage is almost impossible to predict. Often, the carrier portals don’t provide insight into your entire mobile environment. The amount of time and internal resources to effectively control costs often negate the savings which is why bringing in outside technology and expertise is imperative to optimize the environment without creating new costs.

In fact, research and advisory firm AOTMP says it is not possible to optimize both hard and soft mobility costs without dedicated technology and experts. By leveraging a managed mobility services provider, you could deliver 184% 3-year ROI.

The hidden challenges to managing mobility

It’s a simple adage, you don’t know what you don’t know. Even great philosophers have wrestled with this idea. But here’s how it applies to your mobility management; without innovative technology and in-cycle insight into your environment, you are stuck managing mobility blindly.

If you’re using a spreadsheet for, well…anything, then there’s a better way.  Automation through a SaaS solution eliminates both the need for paging through invoices to retrieve and record data, while also eliminating the risk of human error.

A portal with real-time expense management means that you can catch potential overage charges before they show up on your monthly invoice. This level of service enables proactive monitoring of your company’s mobile device usage and prevents costly overage charges. Real-time expense management gives you up-to-date visibility into the active lines that might be at risk of costly overages. For devices that are no longer in use, how can you control them if you can’t see them? Utilizing software that shows you all your no-usage devices in one view enables you to take action to suspend or cancel these devices so that you aren’t paying for them.

Questions You Need to be Asking

In order for you to get ahead of these trends, here’s a few more questions to consider:

• How prepared is our company for a mobile-first world? 

• What problems can we solve with a well-planned mobile strategy?

Don’t worry if you don’t have answers to these questions.

Let’s face it, mobility management is a complex and shifting target. We’d love to help implement cutting edge mobility strategies and innovative technology, backed by subject matter experts, to elevate your mobility management.

TelDesigns works with mobility management experts who can make your life easier and help you reduce hard and soft mobility costs. Our partner, Mobile Solutions, provides full life-cycle mobility management. Through MAX, their innovative mobility management solution, you get a real-time, single pane of glass view into your mobile environment, providing visibility and automations. Contact us, we can help!